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Easy View HD Review

Easy View HD Review | Does It Really Work?

Easy View HDWelcome to my Easy View HD Review website where I will discuss the effectiveness of Easy View HD. Glaring lights from the sun or from car headlights cause increased driving risks every day. It would seem that a solution to this danger would have been created a long time ago. Most sunglasses aren’t efficient and visors aren’t sufficient enough either. Is Easy View HD the answer? Does it really work?

I am a social worker and spend a lot of my time in my car driving around in the community. Glaring sun and lights are a daily battle for me. Having my clients in the vehicle with me increases my liability and so I want to do everything I can to decrease my chances of getting into an accident. Sunglasses and visors can only do so much.

Easy View HD is one of those no-brainer million-dollar ideas that we all wish we had thought of. It is such a simple solution to an everyday problem for most drivers. It is comprised of tinted acrylic that you can see through as it diffuses glare from the sun and oncoming headlights.

It slides right onto the visor and can be flipped down quickly and easily when needed. It acts as an extension of the visor but doesn’t block your view of the road and vehicles around you. In addition to using it to see in front of me I have found it helpful when the sun is coming in from the side of the vehicle when the visor isn’t low enough to block the light.

Easy View HD completely eliminates the risk of being blinded when driving into the sun or from oncoming headlights in the dark. It not only helps me to drive safer but also allows me to be a better defensive driver to those around me who are being blinded.

The Official Easy View HD Website is having a Buy One Get One FREE special offer, which also includes two free High Density Sun Diffusers for only $10.00 (plus shipping & handling).

The High Density Sun Diffuser is an additional piece of acrylic that snaps onto the Easy View HD for additional strength or to stop sun distractions throughout the day. The High Density Sun Diffuser is really nice to have when I have forgotten my sunglasses and need just a little bit of extra sun neutralization.

There really isn’t much that goes into Easy View HD but it has been the most effective tool that I have been able to find that eliminates glare from blinding lights. It is a simple and inexpensive solution that every driver should have in the car. We carry some of our most precious cargo in the car with us. It doesn’t make sense to not have the added protection. Easy View HD can be as much as a life saver as a seat belt.

I would highly recommend Easy View HD to everybody that drives a car. Increase visibility while decreasing the dangerous risk of driving with glaring and blinding lights.

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Easy View HD

Easy View HD | Safety Hazard or Safety Cushion?

Since purchasing Easy View HD the company that I work for has required every employee to have one in their vehicle due to the high amount of driving we do as community-based social workers. More and more deaths are being caused each year by distractions while driving. Can Easy View HD really make an impact on these increasing statistics? Could Easy View HD help save your life?

Laws across the country are being put into place in an effort to reduce tragically avoidable deaths caused by distracted driving, particularly prohibiting the use of cell phone. Unfortunately, not all roads can be made to go north and south to avoid the glaring sun. The majority of drivers on the road during sunrise and sunset are faced with the sun’s glare. Getting blinded by headlights in the dark is nearly impossible.

If you could prevent the risk of getting into an accident, which may be fatal to yourself, your loved ones, or others would you take those measures?

Easy View HD can drastically reduce the rate of accidents and/or death by eliminating the glaring sun and blinding headlights from oncoming cars. Although Easy View HD can’t prevent other distracted drivers from causing an accident, it will allow you to become a defensive driver giving you the ability react to other vehicles around you.

Easy View HD is made up of transparent acrylic with a slight tint which allows you to have a clear view while at the same time neutralizing the sun’s glaring light or blinding headlights from other cars. While sunglasses and visors might aid in reducing the sun’s glare it doesn’t completely eliminate it or the risk like Easy View HD can.

To get an idea of how the Easy View HD works I’ve included the Easy View HD commercial below. Pay particular attention when the camera is behind the driver. This will allow you to really see how effective the Easy View HD is in neutralizing light.

I hope you were able to see how well the Easy View HD removes the glare from the sun and headlights. It is quite remarkable and such an easy, simple, and inexpensive solution. Easy View HD comes pre-assembled, so all you have to do is slip it onto your visor. It couldn’t get easier than that.

The Official Easy View HD Website is offering a Buy One Get One FREE Special Offer for only $10, plus shipping and handling. Think of Easy View HD as added insurance. The price of Easy View HD is small compared to monthly insurance rates and deductibles, not to mention medical expenses if anyone is injured in a car accident caused by glaring sun and blinding headlights. Easy View HD not only offers added protection for myself, my clients, and my loved ones but it gives me peace of mind while behind the wheel. Who can put a price on that?

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